This is NOT satire

Over here in the naive forgotten corner of the world on the edge of the old continent, this safe playground of easy living, only a shade of the Great Power it once had been, uncumbered by its past*, we think any try at impeachment will backfire. It will once more fit in the strategy of the Narcissicist Kid: spotlights on ME. Put the spotlights on the people instead.

The democrats, or actually everybody progressive, has to gather strength first, develop a truly humanist policy program, a Design of a new USA, that offers real, practical solutions for the multitude of problems of state and society, of almost everybody not filthy rich and distracted by technical toys as an escapism for the real world.

State the facts, make a röntgen first, point at the faults, give understandable, implementable solutions involving the people experiencing the problems. Do not deny truths but nail them. Do not offer fake solutions to the wrong problems. Use patriottism to make people proud of themselves again, use money and brains to empower the people. Do not deflect, do not copy, mirror, or enlarge the fake views of the Narcissicist Kid. Make them irrelevant. Make him irrelevant. Put all energy in 2020. Crush him.

*Paraphrase of part of the analysis of Nederland in ‘Grand Hotel Europa’ by Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer, one of our extraordinary novelists.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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