This is satire, Jessica. I respond here to a satirical post of Allan Ishac. I make fun of the greatly hyped super bowl in the realm of satire. Hate? Come on! I could easily write almost the same about the other hyped sports, like our football/soccer and long distance ice skating (watching paint dry). I should have, you are right. I love a lot of your compatriots on Medium, like Allan, Ishac, Steven Rouac, Ann James, and the wonderful people of Chalkboard. Did you read any of my poems? All about love, life, beauty. I traveled through Western and Eastern states of the DSA (oops, making fun again) over the Big Plastic Soup, aka Atlantic. I met a few people in the states along the coasts, liked most of them, loved some. I stayed with friends in Herndon, visited the White House, strolled along the Mall in DC. I fulfilled a long kept wish and visited the flabbergasting Painted Hills and the incredible ruins of Mount St Helens. I was perfectly happy among Americans in Shelter Cove, Ca (you know that? Wonderful place on the wild Pacific Coast). I was perfectly happy too in San Francisco (and stricken by the poverty visible everywhere).

Hate? I still do not understand anybody could vote for the twice impeached BBBL- not longer in Chief. If there is a messenger of hate, it was that creep.

Oh, Jessica, I apologize. I wanted to find middle ground and I hopelessly failed. And now I led you into detesting me, my country, journalism, being woke. Forgive me.

Let me try again. Is democracy part of your ideology? How do you match ‘there is no middle ground’ with democracy?

And what media do you read or watch if journalism is as evil as you tell me?

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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