Carson’s Chair and The Three Totally Troubled Totalitarianistic Trumpetted Tweets (TTTTTT’s).

Ah, delicious, laughing out loud on a drowsy sunday morning, just after reading a depressing analysis of The Three Totally Troubled Totalitarianistic Trumpetted Tweets of last week. Although the chair of Carson (who, if you ask me, executed a self-lobotomy of the grey mass in his head to study it intently while sitting in his chair because he wanted to remember what it is called)* is rather a minion matter compared to those TTTTTT’s, you magnified it to formidable fun stuff, Steve!

About those TTTTTT’s: they are proof your president is getting ever more demented than we all feared.

  1. The ‘beautiful, new and smart rockets’ tweet (Wednesday) is proof of a childish man who lost his last grip on reality;
  2. The ‘stop the armament race’ tweet (same day) is proof of a man with a spirit that got hopelessly entangled in itself;
  3. The ‘I never said when they are coming’ is proof of a further, critical infantilization.**

*I am not sure how we have to label this phenomenon. It seems to be similar to the riddle of ‘Frödinger’s cat’, because Carson is both alive and dead at the same moment after partial self-lobotomy — but I admit I never really got that cat by the tail- and it shows some traits of the ‘Münchhausen Syndrome’ because self-lobotomy could be a way to get attention of a real physician.

**The analysis comes from a column by Bert Wagendorp, Volkskrant of 04-14–2018 (‘Leugens’ = lies).

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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