Three waves from across the Northern Atlantic Plastic Soup

Over here in the suddenly cooled down and therefor slightly cuter Kingdom of the realOranges we have been incessantly triple-flooded by crashing waves coming from the other side of the Atlantic.

One wave ( a heat wave) is caused by climate change. If you do not believe it is man made, just open any airtraffic app. Here is the present air traffic over North America:

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Screen shot from Flightradar24, 08–11–18

After that, go to and lay awake forever. Or calculate the emission of your recent flight:

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Screenshot of CO2Logic SA

The second wave (a populist wave) is caused by the long looming hurricane depression Donald. If you do not believe he is a storm depression, just open the Washington Post and search for the number of lies of Trump, compared to Obama’s:

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Screen shot of a page of NYT, 08–11–18

The third wave (an UFF-wave)* is like a permanent series of aftershocks of an earthquake. It is actually a brain wave, or better a sick brain wave (a self referencing concept, because the wave itself is sick because it comes from humans with sick brains). Every name of a person, famous in the DSA, still supporting the Bullshitter-Liar-in-Chief and grilled by you, Steve, or every other follower of the downfall of the GOP, adds to this sickening wave.

Fun fact to console you a little bit: the difference between the DSA and Europe isn’t that big. The 17.000.000 underlings of the realOranges (including me) often have ecological footprints of an Überconsumer, obesity is ubiqitous, populism has reached our governments, and our Prime minister, Teflon-Rutte, is famous for his white lies, false promises** and eloquent playing down of mistakes and corruption, especially in his own political party.

*UFF — Ultimately Forgettable Fool. LUFF: List of UFFs.

**The BL-in-C cannot be accused of false promises, only of stupid, dangerous, damaging, uninformed and often not implementable promises. And yes, Teflon-Rutte openly denied the truth of another blatant false statement of the B-L-in-C. In his face. We were proud he showed we, the Dutch, really are blunt and impolite.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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