Took some time to think about all those sensible, amusing and useful stuff, Anna. Here’s my comment, fitting into criteria 7 (giving meaning), 8 (connecting), 9 (you did a good job), 11 (a little bit) and 12. To be added:

13. For the fun of it. Motto: Medium is a feast of the fun of using our brains to contribute to life.

As for my comments, I think my urge to comment can be understood as:

  1. Medium is where the experts are, want to learn from them

3. To be honest, yes, I want to be noticed. Who doesn’t?

6. I am a true fan of the satirists and some poets on Medium. I’m beginning to be a true fan of you.

7. To give meaning is the first reason of all, together with the fun of reading, conversing and writing.

8. I’ve always been the one that needs the trampoline of the other brighter people to jump higher. Medium is a thought trampoline.

9. If I encounter a good job, I will always herald that. You are doing a good job.

10. Sincerely hope no to be a wanna-be.

11. Love to elaborate, but not to show I know better. I seldom do.

12. Yes! To inspire and be inspired. Motto: Medium is where progressive, positive people fight to reach for the light in dark times.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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