Over here in the über cute little country by the North Plastic Soup, we underlings of the realOranges are being cooked alive but still enjoy our summer holiday. Hardly anything spoils this East of Eden, but alas, the Anglo-Saxon depression is hovering over our tanned skulls. Two mega-stupid decisions are threatening world peace and human well-being: the election of Putin’s own Buttplug Licker in the DSA and the support for the Brexitians in the UK. Sure, they just pile up on top of some other recent counter-human decisions, but they still are singularities in the universe of insanity.

Wasn’t this enough already to enlist for the next escape from Earth — no, please, not with faux-tweeter Captain Elon-, now you have begun adding more and more ridiculous, stupid, uninteresting, backward people that seem to be VFP in the DSA, but should be on the List of Ultimately Forgettable Fools(the UFF-list). Who is Tim Allan? Who is Roseanne Barr? Hoity-Toity Broidy? Who are those people, supporting Humptytrumpty on the Wall, the worst alien disaster ever let loose on all of us since we, Homo Sapiens, started our own truly dedicated war on life on Earth?

Hey listen, Steve, we are suffering from climate shocks already. Today the huge clock of the Dom tower in Utrecht stopped ticking because of the heat. First time since 1857. Tsunamis of all sorts are threatening our happy existence. And now you are flooding us with a wave of retarded brown armed nincompoops made in the DSA. Does this never stop? Tell me it will stop one day. (I love the fun though).

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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