Very sorry to be so late in responding to one more hilarious post, Steve! Over here in the cute little Kingdom of the realNaranjas we have been busy watching the results of a national attempt to save us all from drowning in sea water, suffocating in poisoned air, melting in ever higher temperatures, loosing ever more species, running out of drinking water and getting crushed under our houses after earthquakes caused by pumping up natural gas. Such an attempt typically follows the format of ‘polderen’, meaning endless round table talks to find a compromise that is not hurting multinationals, banks, manufacturers of cars, car drivers, neoliberal political parties, air industry, airports, and filthy rich owners of same, but only hurts the remaining population. Today we reached such a compromise, but it is only a tentative proposal for a possible sketch of a policy that could be implemented in the future, after the revolution. And still, that is heaven compared to the singlehanded decisions of your president.

We were distracted, to say the least. We nevertheless heard about the recent changes in the Trump deministration. Now that your president is depraved from any critical and intelligent advisors, your country (and the rest of the world) is in the hands of Fox News. The Bullshitting Baby-Bragger watches that channel and tweets his gut feelings in response. The world has become a World of the Lonely. A lonely leader making his country lonely by cutting the ties with all the former allies, who will become lonely defenders of last stands against evil. The Kurds, betrayed and left alone. The moderate Afghans, betrayed and left alone. Social workers, academic researchers, hopeful immigrants, old and ill people dependent on Obamacare, Native Americans trying to save their sacred territory, betrayed and left alone. Every single inhabitant of the earth not being a member of the Trump Clan and its satellites, betrayed and left alone.

I weep for you and I weep for us.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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