Was McCain a hero? I’m serious now even if we are in the satirical domain here.

Over here in the cute, tiny, unusually wet Kingdom we get so confused about the mixedest uppest republicocracy in the world, we do no longer understand who is good or bad, right or wrong, mentally sane or of his hatter, to be trusted or mistrusted, friend or foe, saint or devil, nocent or innocent, stupid or savvy. Excepting the Allanites of course. We are good, right, sane, to be trusted, friends, saints(some of us good witches), innocent and savvy. And we love guffaws and kerfluffle. Trust me, friends!

It is hard to decide what Mr McCain is, apart from terminally ill and dead soon.

After taking in the opinions of several bloggers, recommendista and respondista, my conclusion as an objective and neutral, non partisan non-US observer * is:

  • McCain was brave in the wrong war. That is not particularly heroic. Might even be anti-heroic. Depends on what your bravery results in. Dead Vietcong and collaterals. Ruined crops. Ruined cities. Let’s call it a draw, but with reasonable doubt=0. If Johnson and Nixon were murderers, so was McCain.**
  • He survived the ordeal of torture and emprisonment. I gather he did not commit treason and did not endanger any of his comrades. That is heroic= +2. But see below.
  • While 54% of his mates were on heroïne (cf McCoy), organized by the CIA, he did not even smoke pot as far as we know. He was already high. In the air. That is nonheroïnic but has nothing to do with heroïsm= 0
  • He came back and decided to become a conservative politician. As such he supported more wrong wars, causing the death or injuries of thousands of his compatriots (soldiers in wrong wars) and even more innocent citizens of the countries the USA decided to suppress, conquer or bring to chaos. Most failed states were left in disarray after geopolitic warmongering by the US and its allies. To me that completely erases the assets in the heroïsm balance of McC= -6 (1 per grave case; Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jemen).
  • As far as I know, McC did never oppose the uglyCIA-system of secret prisons, weapons for drugs and scientifically monitored torture. -1 each=-3
  • Allan Ishac eloquently defends McC’s heroïsm in his refusal to give in to the ultras in his party= +1
  • And now he goes on with the job in a situation of outright political guerilla, fighting cancer. That is heroïc to me= +1
  • He stands up to the Creep in Chief and his undercreeps, Crowmuncher and Leaking Anti-leak Diaper Foulmouth included. But what is heroïc in sticking up your middle finger to pay back an insult by a nitwit creep? Good for him though=+1.
  • That is 0+2+0–6–3+1+1+1=-4.
  • A brave man became a hero, turned into warmongerer, is a hero in the end, but only in his personal life and the DC puppet theatre.

*If you didn’t laugh by now, something went wrong.

**I read a lot about the draft diving behavior of the CinC. This is a complicated puzzle. As a pacifist I have always understood the young men that did not want to go to war. Visit the graveyards in Northern France. Just look at the veterans of wrong wars. Their lives are ruined. They return as drugs addicts and psychiatric patients. In my country we had a conscription army and I tried to duck the draft with legal means. I eventually did serve my time in the Cold War deterrence army. I would have been sent to Germany in case of a crisis. I would have been a useless and very dead hero pretty soon, because my job and rank was to engage the Soviets with my platoon in my too lightly armed M113 C&V. 45 seconds of reaction time.

So, it would be hypocritical to condemn the young Don J. The old Don J. however should refrain from judging McCain by lack of any title or knowledge to do so.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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