What I like most, Steven, apart from the whole story, is the similarity of this drinking game of yours with all the other hyped up crazy acts we have to witness in the age of the Internet. Some of them too horrible to mention, although I know some individuals — especially one, I admit- who might be interesting and worthwhile test persons. Choking games, for instance, or the game with the ice water buckets I tried to delete from my memory but — thanks to you — came back now from well-deserved oblivion. Or, even worse, that game with a plank, forgot how it worked, but people killed themselves by playing it. The age of the Internet is the age of the totally insane copy cat. And now you have a president without precedent who single-handedly (or double-, I do not know how President Troll twitters, mmmm, yes, it has to be double- for obvious but small reasons) causes disasters globally by feeding all the crazy copying cats in the world day in day out with dangerous blah blah blah. We can expect millions of real victims. This fact makes the drinking game story even better satire.

Sad, like you said, quoting someone.

Very sad. But well said and well quoted.

(I suddenly understand the cause of the covfefe tweet. Prez Troll needed one hand to do something else and couldn’t manage typing with the other. Let’s not try to imagine what that one hand had to do. Let’s be friendly and suppose it held a glass to play the drinking game. Because that is what Prez Troll is: addicted. The addicted 24/7 try to covfefe their addiction by accusing others of forcing them to stay addicted. Super Troll tweets ‘Hillary did/does/will do’ and cheers on it. And tweets…and cheers..and tweets…..and it’s all your fault, Steven.)

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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