Writing is a redundant process and so is poetry, yes, we agree, Tamyka. Edison’s famous words about inspiration and perspiration are true for every creative process, don’t you think? Writing is hard work, not only starting with ideas, but always leading to new ideas. On the road we have to be open for the unexpected- what is called serendipity-but a plan (be it a theme, a story to tell, a certain form) helps.

Another experience: Writing in a given form -sonnet, villanelle, etc.- is easier than writing -good- free verse. It seems to be more difficult, but without a given rhythm, rhyme and structure there are infinitely more -mostly intuitive- decisions to make. How many phrases per stanza? What kind of rhythm? How long should the poem be? Where and when to stop? I feel more exposed in a free verse, nothing to hide behind, nothing to show off with. Bare words in a hidden harness.

I also like the metaphor of weaving. Poems are part of a tissue we weave year after year, using the threads of our predecessors and hoping our loose ends will be used afterwards by other poets. I always begin reading poetry, making notes or looking for a promising phrase. The method of the poetry prompt fits pretty well in this practice.

But I think everyone has his/her own method or lack of method. Anything goes as long as this adage is followed: sit down and start writing with an open mind. It fits perfectly in this sound piece of advice, coming from Kurt Vonnegut jr: practice becoming, on Medium now.

Hope you haven’t experienced this as a kind of manplaining. I tried to explain how it works with me, not to tell anybody how to.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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