Yes, Harper, although Derk was a close friend of a close friend of mine, I only accidentally met him. They were partners in a well known, highly respected law office. They defended murderers nobody wanted to defend. They were always in danger. But they didn’t give in to threats and lived the normal life of family men. In my country this means walking your kids to school, biking to your office, going to a football match without gorilla’s around. Yes, we were still too naive. we should have known. We live in a narco state now. The last part of a dream went up in gunsmoke. We will have to follow the Italian model, at least partly. A DEA will be installed. A DEA in this small country, relatively speaking one of the paradises on earth. But still a narco state.

Our Minister of Justice said, tears in his eyes: ‘of course I am mad, but my grief is overwhelming’. That is the genaral feeling over here. We are grief stricken. Over Derk, but over our constitutional rule of law too. He was killed, our rule of law was attacked like never before. By a 16–18 year old hired hitchild. For A fist full of dollars. Who will be killed soon to get rid of him.

In this domain I will get back to poetry now, but I thought it necessary to share this. I know the facts about criminality in your country. Over here we witnessed ‘only’ three attacks on our constitutional state. One by a raving mad radicalised Muslim, who killed a famous journalist. One by the same mob that killed Derk Wiersum: they murdered the innocent uninvolved brother of the crown witness, defended by Derk.

Is there still room for poetry? Always, more and more!

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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