Yes, I get those mails too. To just crouch into the riddle: what happens when you go to What can you read and what not? I have read a lot and posted comments before I was a member.

(I don’t mind to be complimented with the title coolest of Coolsma, thank you! Actually my name is pronounced in Dutch as ‘Cole’s ma’. The suffix ‘sma’ meant ‘descended from’ in Frisian, one of the regional languages over here. My great-great grandfather of my father’s and mother’s side -they were nephew/niece-was born in 1710 in the city of Sneek (pronounced snake) in Frisia. His name was Anske Foppes Coolsma. There the genealogical search stops in its tracks. We do not know where the Cole came from. Somebody wrote it down in a register, but not very legible. Could have been Voolsma or Foolsma. ‘Vool’ (vole) and ‘Fool’ (Foal) indicates Western-Frisian ancestry. In Western Frisia we find villages called Volendam and Volewijck. ‘Vool/fool’ means ‘closure’. ‘Volendam’ means closure (of a stream) with a dam. All in all that line goes back to the utterly Dutch condition: living with water. And that is cool, absolutely.

Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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