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There is another option, one already hinted at by you, Allan. My favorite Dutch newspaper* cited a quote of a journalist in a Dutch business magazine called Quote, of a researcher** who surmised that, and I quote, ‘top executives cheat their spouses three times more than their subordinates do’. ‘Bingo!’ I thought, it is the vagina symbol after all. Drumpfsch subconsciously is thinking of fornicating all the time. He cannot help himself in two ways, literally and metaphorically speaking, being in the spotlights of the fake press paparazzi, but his tiny little hands betray his deeper thoughts. It makes him all the more human, at least white male sexist antropomorph. Cute!

Alas, my favorite Dutch newspaper checked the quote in Quote of the quoted researcher and concluded it is not verifiable. I will spare you the details, even if the devil is in them, but we have to conclude it is misspelled love, not sex at play, boy.

*NRC Handelsblad, seen by populists as the elitist Dutch herald of fake news, and thus a very good and reliable newspaper.

**J. Lammers, 2011, J. Lammers and J. Maner, 2015, Lammers speaks of ‘a rough estimate’. He is interested in ‘the underlying (pun not intended) psychological process’. I guess he points at the process of what we might label as ‘powerf*cking’ — he has the power and she has to submit to his f*cking behavior (my words).


Friend of life and beauty and foe of spoilers of life and beauty. Golden marriage. Grandfather. Pianist and micro poet. Dutch, European.

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